About Us

Let there be PrimeStone

Pioneering Excellence in Property Services

Rooted in the heart of New York City, PrimeStone's inception was fueled by a distinct vision - revolutionizing property maintenance through unwavering commitment, industry-leading expertise, and unparalleled service. Our CEO, Alex, steered from managing large-scale construction projects to overseeing 1,000+ apartment units in NYC, embedding deep-rooted values of quality, efficiency, and tenant satisfaction. At PrimeStone, this vast experience is the cornerstone of every project we undertake.

Unmatched Expertise
With a foundation in construction project management, we embed precision and meticulous attention to detail in every project.
Our legacy is built on achieving the highest levels of tenant satisfaction across NYC’s diverse neighborhoods.
Swift Turnovers
Leveraging a history of managing vast portfolios, we excel in efficient apartment turnovers, enhancing property value.
Across NYC's Boroughs
Serving every corner, from the bustling Bronx to serene Staten Island, PrimeStone's influence spans NYC's vast landscape.
Since 2018
The PrimeStone Promise

Elevating NYC, One Property at a Time

PrimeStone's mission revolves around trust, quality, and an unwavering dedication to New York's property landscape. We aim to redefine the standards of property maintenance. Every brick, every corner, every service is a testament to our commitment. For property owners and tenants, PrimeStone embodies property excellence.

At PrimeStone, we're not just another service provider. We aim to set the gold standard in property excellence throughout NYC. Instead of just maintaining properties, we're committed to delivering exceptional experiences with every project. We envision PrimeStone becoming the go-to name for unmatched property services in every borough.

Team Members

The Team Behind PrimeStone

Alex Patt
CEO & Founder
Ralph H.
Project Manager
Meir F.
Vice President
Miguel H.
Field Supervisor